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The Matachana Group

The Matachana Group develops complete sterilization solutions for hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, research centers and industry in general.

Matachana is the leading manufacturer of sterilizers in Europe with a world-wide presence and subsidiaries in France, Germany, Argentina and Malaysia and distributors in more than 65 countries. Matachana is a global supplier for the hospital sector and offers solutions for all function areas of a hospital: sterilization centers, surgical areas, departments of pathology, hospital catering. All products have been designed according to the special needs of laboratories and industry. 

Matachana is also one of the most famous brands in Spanish gastronomy. Complete kitchen projects have been realized with the newest technologies in combination with traditional cuisine.

Since D. Antonio Matachana founded the GroupĀ“s first company in 1962 in Barcelona, Spain, the diversification of its activities and its international expansion led to the creation of the Matachana Group as it is known today.

The Matachana Group has a strong presence across Spain, with technical offices and sales offices throughout the whole country including showrooms and training centers in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville and Navarre.

Internationally, the company has subsidiaries in France, Germany, Argentina and a new subsidiary in Malaysia. The Matachana Group is present in more than 65 countries on five continents and is one of the world's leading companies in the sterilization and infection control sector.

Matachana Group